Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who does Hip Hop belong to?

  • Should Macklemore be apologizing? Is his apology sincere? Is it appropriate?
I don't get why he is apologizing. Does it matter if your white or black, Macklemore should be happy about his Grammy cause he won it fair and square and he should not even worry about what the other nominees think. If you are a white man singing a black mans music and your better at it than them, that means that they have to work a little harder to be better.

       Who does hip hop belong to?

I think hip hop belongs to anybody that wants to do it. I am not a fan and will never ever ever be a fan of the crap but I think that hip hop should belong to anybody that likes to sing it, black or white. There are a lot of black men in the music industry and most of them are in the pop and hip hop and rap part of it and they are probably pretty good at it. Most if the white men are in the rock and country and rock and roll part of it but if some white guy wants to be a hip hop star, let him have at it.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


I chose these pieces of writing because these were the essays I did the best on and I worked hard on both of these pieces of writing. The personality profile was the better one to write about because I was writing about something I was interested in. The collage essay was a little harder to write about because I had to remember the information off the top of my head. The process I used to create the personality profile was I interviewed my cousin Jairet about him and his racing career, that is were I got most of my information. I mostly asked question about what got his racing career started and how he felt about his first time racing a car. The process I used to create the collage essay was that I had remember how my drivers test went off the top of my head.

Both of my essays had its parts that were strong. "I remember when Jairet and I were racing go karts around my uncle Rick's shop, and Jairet hit my go kart and he flipped his on the side. After the go kart stopped tumbling when he got up he said that was fun and started laughing. It was so funny to watch. now he races cars and I hope to be racing cars too someday". This passage came from my personality profile. This is a good passage because it is the beginning of the profile and I really thought that this is a good lead. I think it is a good lead because it gives you an idea what the essay is about and it tells you what me and Jairet did before getting race cars.    

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Collage Essay

Prompt: Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.
The morning that I woke up was a nervous morning for me because I was going for my drivers license. It was an early spring morning and it was a sunny day outside. I was frightened about the test because I did not want to fail my test. When my father and I left the house to go to Portland to take my test, I was un easy all the way there, just thinking about what was the outcome going to be.
When we got there I was really shaking and unsteady at that point and when we walked inside I saw my instructor. He was about 5"12" and about 280 pounds and he looked like a sergeant that just came from boot camp.
When we went on my road test I was on edge, gripping the steering wheel tight with two hands and I was focused on driving and nothing else. I did everything right and when we got back to the DMV he handed me a piece of paper that was my temporary license, and I was so excited I passed.
Getting my driver's license was a big step to adulthood because that meant I had to get a job to make money to pay for the gas in my truck. That is a sign of going from childhood to adulthood. The day that I got my license I was really excited that I was able to drive myself around, but then I realized that my parents weren't going to help pay for my gas. That meant I had to get a job and start working after school and work all summer so I could make money. Being able to drive yourself is a really good feeling because you can drive yourself to friend's houses, drive to school, and drive to wherever I want to go. When I got my license, I felt a sense of responsibility and independence  come over me. I felt like a kid on the inside, but on the outside I was becoming an adult.

Personality Profile

(Draft Letter)
Dear Reader,
                    My favorite part of writing this personality profile was being able to write about something that is interesting to me. Parts that we're interesting to me was the entire profile because it was about racing and how my cousin Jariet races and how he started racing and stuff like that. My favorite part of the profile was "when Jairet and I were racing go karts around my uncle Rick's shop, and Jairet hit my go kart and he flipped his on the side. After the go kart stopped tumbling when he got up he said that was fun and started laughing. It was so funny to watch". This is my favorite part because it is about me and him racing our go karts around his dad's shop. We would put tires around the shop and shaped it to be like an oval track and we would race each other.
This writing is probably better than other writing I have done because it is something that interest me and I was really focused on this piece of writing because it was interesting to me. Other pieces that I have written are not good because there about something we are learning in a class in school and I don't like school. This piece is better than other ones that I have written becuse I put a lot of detail into it and I was interested in the topic I was writing about. What I hope the reader takes away from my piece is that my cosin Jairet is a really good person and a really good race car driver. I hope you enjoyed reading my piece of writing about my cousin Jairet and his racing carrer.
                                                                                                      ~Michael Harrison~

(Final Draft)
I remember when Jairet and I were racing go karts around my uncle Rick's shop, and Jairet hit my go kart and he flipped his on the side. After the go kart stopped tumbling when he got up he said that was fun and started laughing. It was so funny to watch. now he races cars and I hope to be racing cars too someday.
Jairet got interested in racing because he has been surrounded by it his whole life and when he got a chance to race at Beechridge Motor Speedway he took it. The first car that he raced was owned by Tim Chambers. Jairet raced Tims car in the wildcat divison on saterday nights. When Jairet was strapped in the car with moments away from his first race he said he was feeling nerves but yet he was excited too.
 During his season racing the wildcat divison he started off the seaon running in the back of the pack. Toward the end of his first full seaon of racing, he was running up in the front of the pack running with the big boys and was able to finish second place one night. That night was a big night for him and he said "That was really exciting and it felt good to do good, I will never forget this race". When the season came to the end he was able to finish 10 in points, and was able to win rookie of the year.
After his seaon came to an end in the wildcat divison, Tim chambers found someone else to race the wildcat car. Jairet had to find a new car to race. Ken Farley had a car that he had my father race in the sport series divison at Beechridge Motor Speedway part time. He told Jairet, "I will let you race this car next seaon". Jairet was going to beracing in the sport series divison at Beechridge Motor Speeway. now jairet had to get enough money to race all season and get mony to fix the car before the season started. Jairet said that it was streesful paying for a car, driving a car, and fixing the car when it breaks; it is really overwealming.
During the season in the sport series divison it was not a good season. Jairet said that it was a stressfull season, trying to drive a different car and trying to get the setup right. When I asked Jairet what he was plning on doing next season, he told me he was racing the sport series divison again but he thinks this upcoming year will be a good one. "We have figured out the car and I have figured out how to drive it so I hope I do better next year.
But Jairet is taking a break from the sport series division and stepping down a division. Jairet bought a car called a strickly stack car to race at Wisscasset speedway every other Saturday night. This car that he bought can also be raced at Oxford Plains Speedway Friday nights in the divison called the outlaw sportsman. Jairet said that "this should be a way to save money while racing becaus itis cheaper to race, it should be a lot funner racing this car".