Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2nd Editorial Final

I picked this writing assiment to be part of my final because I worked hard on it. I picked this one because I got a good grade on it and I though I wrote it really well and did a good Job on it.

                                                            RSU 5 Splitting Up

Reginal School Union 5 (RSU 5) has been an RSU for 5 years with Freeport, Pownal, Durham and now their has been talk about Freeport wanting to pull out of the RSU. An article from the Bangor daily news says: "The unrest stems from the June 11 referendum vote in which voters from Durham and Pownal outweighed Freeport’s support for a proposed $16.9 million renovation and expansion at Freeport High School". This is why Freeport wants out of the RSU becaue they did not get the new school that they wanted.
I think that the RSU 5 should stay together and not split apart. It should not split apart because Freeport is a small town and if they pulled out of the RSU then they would lose half of the students coming in as freshman every year. My opinion is that the RSU should stay together because as students who live in ether Freeport, Pownal, Durham, we come here for free and if Freeport pulls out parents in Pownal or Durham will have to pay for their kids to go to Freeport or were ever they chose to go.
I interviewed three students from Freeport high school, Morgan Karnes a sophomore said: "Personally, I feel like the RSU should stay together. As someone from Durham, I think freeport is a great place to be and go to school and I enjoy it. It would be a hassle for both Durham and Pownal students to pick up and find somewhere else to go to school". Other than school Regan Lynch and Isabel Peredy both freshman said that skill level in sports would go down because a lot of good athletes come from Durham and some from Pownal.
Oposing arguments are that Freeport wants to pull out of the RSU because it will get them a little extra money to build a new school. I have seen signs around Freeport that say it will give kids better learning enviorment's and it will make it a lot safer because with a new building comes better security and better ways to keep that bad guys out. To challange this I think we should just keep updating the building like they did to the main office door, you have to buzz in and the people in the main office unlock the door if the want you to come in.

To sum it all up I don't want to pull out of the RSU becaue what I think is that the people in south Freeport want to pull out if the RSU so then they can revote and get a new school and new athletic fields. I would rather stay in the RSU and keep things they way they are.

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