Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pixar Movie

After watching a clip of Partly Cloudy it seems like it would be a good movie to watch.  It is an animation that is about clouds make babies and the storks deliver them to their homes, but one cloud makes dangerous babies that hurt the stork. Eventually the stork turns on the dark cloud and goes to the good cloud and that makes the dark one sad and mad. But the stork comes back with protective gear on and the dark cloud is happy again.

 My opinion about this film would be it is a good one because the animation was good because the created of the characters must have put a lot of time in the characters to make them look good and make sense of what they were. and there were no real confusing parts in it and all the stuff made sense in the film for the most part. I could not really tell how the proformers did because there were no words, just animation.

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