Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Valentines day through the eyes of a guy and a girl Final

I chose this assiment because I thought I wrote it really well. I chose it because it was one of my better Writting  assiments that I wrote and I got a good grade on it as well.

Valentine's Day Through The Eyes of a Girl and Guy

Valentine's Day is a day in Febuary where you should be spending time with your significant other because it is considered a romantic day. What would be the the ideal Valentine's Day through the eyes of a girl and guy?
I decided to interveiw my cousin Jairet Harrison and his girl freind Emily Gamache asking them both the same set of questions about this romantic day, so I can compare their answers. When I asked Jairet what he thought Valentine's Day was all about he said "It's about spending time with your girlfriend and showing them how much you love them". Then I asked Emily what she  thought it was about and she said "I think it's about taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with your boyfriend". Jairet and Emily both think that Valentine's Day is about spending time with someone you love. I also asked them what a would be a good gift to give someone special and jairet said "Usually I get a charm for her bracelet or a nice piece of jewelry and I always get a nice bouquet of flowers". I asked Emily the same question and she said "I would get him a card and something sentimental and personal or make him something".
When I intervewed male and female they both thought that it was a romantic day to spend time with someone you care about. Most of the questions I asked them, they had similar answers except for the last question. The last question was, "Do you plan out what you want to do on Valentine's Day ahead of time?" Jairet said he does not plan ahead of time, he just goes with the flow. Emily said that she likes to plan the day ahead of time because it is easier to go through the day with ideas of what to do.
Valentine's Day is a romantic day for both males and females. It is a day were you show how much you care about someone. After interveiwing both male and female, the answers I got were different but both had the same idea of Valentine's Day being a romantic day.

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