Thursday, May 1, 2014

Senior Year Movie Reveiw

Senior Year

Senior year is the best year of a high school student because it is the last year of school before they go to college, the army, or they go to work. This is a movie about a high school senior Michael Harrison who's is played Michael Harrison. This movie was like documentary about a high school senior going through his final year of school. Ators that played a role in this movie were his parents played by Kenny Harrison and Susan Harrison and his teachers. I would give this movie a 5 star rating because it is a classic that you will never forget and it is pg13.
The beginning of the year started of good because it was full of excitement and everybody was happy to see each other again. Michael Harrison was excited to be back at school because it was the final year of school for him and he was ready to fly through the year and graduate. Tje first semester of his year was easy because Michael only had 3 classes and that seemed like a pretty easy schedule. But in the first semester Michael hit a traffic jam, the School Wide Writting Assesment. In order to graduate from Freeport High School you have to pass this Assesment. He did not pass the first try and failed by one point the secound try. He took it a third time and he is still waiting on his scores.
During the movie the people that were also a big part of the movie were the teachers that helped him like Mis. Gagne played by Mis. Gagne. She helped Michael prepare for all of the tests and big writing assiments that he took in high school. She helped him prepare for the School Wide Writting Assement that he is still waiting on for a score. Michael's parents helped him a lot to because they were always there when he was stressed out and needed some one to talk to.

After watching Michael Harrison's senior year I think it was a classic film of your avarage high school student. The film was very well played out and all the characters in the film were really good. I would recommend watching this movie to people who like to watch documentarys. All in all I thought this movie was really good and I would watch the movie all over again


  1. Sounds like a really good movie with some moments of suspense. I'm sure that your supporting actors played a big part in making this film a success, but your hard work is the biggest factor. I'm glad you enjoyed your role in this film!

  2. This movie sounds like it is full of twists and turns and hopefully Michael will pass his SWAA